Tips and Tricks to help you keep your carpets, and your home, clean and comfortable.

The Health Risks of a Dirty Carpet

Here is a an eye opening thought, even if your carpets appear clean to the eye, they can be a host for bacteria, microbes and other irritants. Ick! Now you might be asking yourself what am I not seeing and what do I need to do? The first step is being aware, understand what these things can do to your health

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Area Rug Maintenance Tips

Area Rugs can often be the centerpieces of a room’s décor. Area Rugs, when used correctly, can tie the aesthetic of your room together and help you create a cohesive, inviting atmosphere in your living space. Area Rugs often represent a substantial investment and knowing how to care for them will make the most of your investment and will keep your area rugs looking new for years to come.

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Guide To the Right Vacuum for You

Keep your floors and space revived with regular maintenance and this includes regular vacuuming. When it comes to purchasing a new vacuum there are several factors to consider – brand, quality, features, price, and what’s the right type for your needs.

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Clean Your Carpet and Improve Respiratory Issues

As we live, we introduce and are introduced to many different pollutants and particulates that cause respiratory issues in a large percentage of the human population. If you think that staying inside is the answer to your allergies and other respiratory irritants, you would be sadly mistaken.

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Caring For Your Tile Floors

Keep your floor regularly maintained to hold off intense cleansing and consider hiring a professional cleaner, like All Clean ChemDry to make your whole life simpler and a whole lot more pleasant to look at.

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