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Pet Owners: Here Are Your Carpet Cleaning Tips

Dog near wet spot on carpet

Keeping a tidy home and impeccable carpets is a task in itself, and if you have a pet or multiple it may seem like an impossible one. With preventative measures and tips to tackle accidents when they arise, you can keep your carpet fresh and clean.


As I am sure you know, prevention is the number one way you can reduce the number of carpet cleaning trips around the sun. Regular pet grooming, gates to keep your pets restricted from certain areas of your home, and potty training or re-training are all things that can help keep your carpets cleaner when you have pets. But you can’t prevent every mess and fortunately, there are things you can do when you spot them.

Pick Up Sheddings As You Go

Don’t wait to vacuum, as larger clumps of hair can clog and strain your vacuum over time, making it much less efficient. Vacuuming is important to keep smaller hair clumps from snowballing into unmanageable sizes. You can also help yourself by brushing your pet outdoors regularly and using a lint roller or even duct tape to pick up hair quickly and easily.

Attack New Stains Immediately

We can’t always get to stains right away, especially if they are happening while we are away at work or on an errand. However, remediating stains as soon as possible is the best way to reduce their permanence. If it’s solid and liquid, then remove solid pieces from the carpet as best you can and soak the area with paper towels, quality dish soap, and cool water. Place a weighted object or stand firmly on the area to soak up as much of the stain as possible. Do not scrub the stain, because as tempting as it may be, it will only push the fresh stain deeper into the carpet fibers, making it near impossible to dissolve.

Look For Untreated Stains

If you can’t treat pet stains immediately, they can be tricky to locate. Using your sense of smell can be unappetizing, but it may be your best detector. You can also opt for a black light if you have it handy. Once you find it, soak it in cold water and vinegar to neutralize it. You may need to opt for a chemical cleaning agent or even a professional carpet cleaner like All Clean ChemDry, if your attempts prove less than successful.

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