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Carpet Cleaning in Lake Frederick, Virginia

ChemDry’s provides professional and affordable carpet cleaning for your home or business.

The name All Clean ChemDry should give you reassurance of our professional and outstanding carpet and upholstery cleaning services. If you live in the Lake Frederick, VA area and you are in the market for a regularly scheduled cleaning or a deep cleaning, we can make time for you. Dedication and excellence are embedded in our team member values and we are happy to extend them to each and every client. The renewed smell and look of your overall home will impress you and your guests.

The way we treat you and your carpet is with the upmost care and gentle yet effective products. Our services and products are ‘Going Green’ and that is great news for the environment and those who care about protecting it. Considering the initiatives that we take; your family is safe from toxic chemicals or processes and that is something you can trust!

    Enjoy the many services we offer:

    With these services comes customer relations that you can depend on. From the call to our appointment desk to the technician finishing up the job, you can trust that we will give you our best cleaning and make your home or commercial location sparkle. We hope you are comfortable recommending us to your friends and family, it means helping us grow and develop more products and services.

    If you find yourself with pets – a mess, or a left over stench that just won’t budge – call us for the P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) System for the thorough, stringent yet gentle clean. It gets you the remedy the problem, not just mask it. If time is a concern, just know that the process involves hot carbonation process and it offers quick drying properties and keeps your carpet healthier.

    At All Clean Chem Dry, our brand is important to us; because it means your trust and satisfaction. We want everyone to know the experience of a healthy and inviting home or business and we are ready to serve your needs. If you are in Lake Frederick, VA area, call us for the carpet and upholstery cleaning services that you have always dreamed of.