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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

All Clean ChemDry provides sustainable, green commercial carpet cleaning solutions to communities in Virginia and West Virginia

When you manage a property or own a business, cleanliness speaks volumes to potential clients or customers. It’s also important to your employees or tenants to feel valued and cared for and part of that is protecting their health through regular building maintenance. When you hire a commercial carpet cleaner, you should have certain expectations of the service you have scheduled.

    Why use a professional commercial carpet cleaner?

    Hiring a professional company, like All Clean ChemDry will take the pressure off in house staff to manage janitorial needs, it will impact the health of the space with pristine cleaning processes, it will encourage production with increased concentration from a clear workspace, and so much more.

    • Save your time and energy
    • Sanitary standards are of top priority
    • Create a positive & healthy atmosphere
    • Impress future potential clients

        What do professional commercial carpet cleaners provide?

        • Reduction of bacteria, virus, and germ transmission
        • Stain and spot removal
        • Carpet cleaning, sanitizing, and restoration
        • Sustainable, ‘green’ methods and products available upon request
        • Promote a uniform appearance in carpets throughout facility
        • Minimize effects of wear and tear in high traffic areas
        • Carpet protection to extend the life of your carpet
        • General sense of well-being and increased motivation of staff or occupants.

        Deep cleanings on an annual basis or semi-annual are something that commercial locations can benefit from. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction, along with deep vacuuming carbonation can refresh your carpets and give your location an energizing boost on a regular basis. Your image is important to maintaining your business, so caring for your carpets and flooring is an important business decision.

        Take the time to find the right carpet cleaning fit for your locations needs and budget.

        Give your business or commercial property the attention it deserves with commercial cleaning services from All Clean ChemDry.