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Preventing Summer Dirt in Your House

Summer is here! That means longer and brighter days for more outdoor activities. Unfortunately, spending time outside can lead to dirty carpets due to dirt, mud, and other pollutants tracked in. Preventing this is crucial if you want your carpets to stay clean and fresh throughout the summer fun. These tips can help you do just that.

Tips to Stop Dirt from Entering Your Home

Stop dirt and mud at the door to make a distinct line between where the outside ends and your home begins. The best way to keep mud and dirt from getting inside your home is simply to keep them outside. The following ideas may provide much-needed insight into keeping those pesky particles outside your home.

  • Doormats: Having a doormat next to your front and back doors will prevent basic dirt and mud particles from getting inside, even with a simple wipe of your shoes or feet.
  • Make it easier to leave shoes at the door: Place a shoe rack near your front door so that the no-shoes-inside policy is a little easier to follow. Plus, it helps keep all your footwear organized!
  • Close Your Windows: Often overlooked in the summertime are your windows. When the heat is unrelenting during the summer, it can understandably be impossible to keep your windows closed. But at nighttime, when it’s cooler or if you have the AC running, make sure to close your windows to prevent dust particles and other pollutants from getting inside your home. Another option is getting screens for your windows if you don’t have them already. While they won’t protect your house from all dust and dirt, the larger particles and bugs will undoubtedly be prevented from infiltrating your home.
  • Change your air filter: Dust, dirt, and mud have creative ways of getting inside your home—possibly none more so than through your air filter! Don’t let your house start raining dust—regularly check your AC and heating systems. While your air filter is meant to protect you from dust and other pollutants, it can do the opposite if not cleaned regularly.

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Don’t Forget About Your Pets!

If you have a pet, you know the joy and pain of them playing outside. The joys of them exerting their energy and bonding with you outside through whatever games you play with them. But also the pains of seeing your carpets and home littered with dirty paw prints or trails of mud. Luckily, we have a solution to keep your pet’s dirty paws honest when they come inside.

  • Keep a towel near the door to wipe and brush your pet off
  • Keep a hose or a bath outside your door as well to wash off that unwanted dirt
  • Give your pet shoes whenever they go outside. Not only will they look cute and unique, but it will also easily prevent them from tracking dirt in the house by simply taking the pet shoes off before they get inside.

Mistakes Happen, How Can All Clean ChemDry Help You?

Sometimes, no matter what we do to prevent dirt and grime from getting inside our homes and carpets, they still find a way. But do not worry, whether it be a one-time mistake or an accumulation of dust, dirt, bacteria, allergens, mud, and more. All Clean ChemDry is here to help. With the best-advanced tools and expert professionals, you can feel at ease knowing that your carpets will smell and look fresh and clean after we leave. Contact us today if the summer fun becomes summer mud on your carpets.

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