Tips and Tricks to help you keep your carpets, and your home, clean and comfortable.

Taking Care of Different Carpet Types

There are many different types of carpet for homes. In order to ensure proper carpet care, you need to know what type you are dealing with. Without adequate knowledge you could do more harm than good. In addition to carpet care, the type of carpet and its material also affects its durability and overall performance.

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Household Carpet Stain Removal Tips

If you have kids, pets, or constant activity in your home that create not so spot free spaces. You may love a clean home but hate to spend the extra time and money at the store. From juice spills to crafting mishaps or an untrained pet – there are ways to spot clean with some supplies that you may already have around your home.

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Area Rug Care

Rugs deserve the same care as wall-to-wall carpet. We offer some handy tips for how to keep your area rugs looking good in between major cleanings.

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Different Ways to Clean with Vinegar

Going green is more than just a trend it is a global movement to create a healthier living environment and when it comes to green cleaning, vinegar is one of the most versatile green cleaning solutions. Learn from the carpet cleaning expert on how to naturally clean with vinegar.

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Carpet Cleaning Myths

The internet is full of information, people are always searching for tips on everything, you also hear tips from friends and family, everyone has that one thing that they say is the “best” way to clean your carpet. We are here to tell you that not every tip is a good one, some of them can be more harmful to your carpets than you realize.

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Have Pets? Keep Your Carpets Clean!

As a pet owner, you know there is more to keeping a pet than love and snuggles. Keeping pets can get messy. You can reduce, prevent, and restore your floors to keep your house looking and smelling like your home and not your pets’ playground.

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