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What’s Hiding in your Couch?

What's Hiding in Your Couch

Whether you have kids, pets, or if you don’t get to clean your couch as often as you would like, you may find some very unsightly collections. Loose change, dust bunnies, fruit snacks, wrappers, and other random items appear over time because it’s all hidden from plain site. It’s pretty normal to find this in households, but figure out what could be lurking beneath, and you will gain the inspiration to give your upholstery more attention on a regular basis.

Germs and Viruses

When you have kids and pets, especially, you should expect that germs and various viruses are wiped all over your furniture from daily play and living. It is a good idea to keep couches and communal seating well maintained and sanitized as needed or during the flu and cold season.


You may want to reach out to a professional upholstery and carpet cleaning company, like All Clean ChemDry. Allergens are a huge and common issue for kids and adults. Dust mites thrive in the crevices of your living spaces, but don’t let them intrude into your upholstery or your airways, wreaking havoc on your respiratory system.


Oil spills, greasy fingers from fast food, and sweat and oils from our skin easily transfers to fabric and can seem almost impossible to clean. If these kinds of stains are left unattended, then other debris and dirt may be attracted to it and create even more unsightliness. Treat these kinds of stains immediately, if possible.

Toxic Substances

Whether you are spraying something with chemicals, painting the walls, experimenting, or dusting in your home, these particles are bound to end up in the fibers of your furniture. Find a professional upholstery cleaner or advise a cleaning company to help with removal.


Your furniture can act as an absorbent which makes it more likely for mold development. So, when moisture is present, take care of it immediately. It’s not only gross to look at, but it is unhealthy and encourages respiratory issues.

Pet Hair

When pets are allowed to lay on the furniture pet hair and dirt will come with them. The hair from your pets can become embedded in the fabric if allowed to accumulate. Periodically vacuuming your furniture is as important as cleaning your carpets to keep your upholstered items in top condition.

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