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How Winter Weather Affects Your Carpets

Winter Carpet Cleaning

When you are in the midst of winter – you think snowy days, freezing temps, more sickness in the air amongst the hustle and bustle of the holidays. But don’t forget the cleanup after parties, visitors from out of town, family fiesta leftovers, and just more indoor activity all around. This directly impacts your carpet, floors, furniture, and your workload. This time of year, you should also be able to kick back and relax, so consider a professional cleaning company to help you through the season with these common issues.

Stains and Spills

Expect spills during the influx of friends and family, some will be reported and other you will find at a later date. Many stains and spills can be remedied with a DIY method, but some stains have a time limit and you may have to call in ‘special forces’ or a professional carpet cleaning company.

The Wet Effect

You may think that the wetness tracked in from outside is harmless, but you actually create an unhealthy environment if you do not address it. It is inevitable in the wet winter months, our pets and ourselves introduce the carpet to a wet and warm environment that encourages the growth of bacteria ad even mold. As well, salt, chemicals that melt ice and snow can walk right on in and begin the process of discoloring your carpets.

Simple solution – leave the shoes at the door.

Trampled Carpets?

Again, with so many people coming in and out of your home, your floors will bear the brunt of it. You may want to ask visitors to take off their shoes, but often during even casual events many hosts don’t want to ask that of their guests. In that case, you will notice the carpet with imprints, pulls from the tack strips, and waves or ripples. After the season heads towards spring, you may want to consider getting the professional help of All Clean ChemDry to rejuvenate your floors.

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