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What Should You Do Before Your Carpet Cleaning Tech Arrives?

Are you looking forward to an upcoming visit from All Clean ChemDry carpet cleaners? Are you wondering there is anything you should do before the technician arrives to ensure they are able to work as effectively and efficiently as possible? The simple answer is you don’t need to do anything significant. Our process is not invasive, but there may be a couple of steps to take that will help our technicians get them in and out quickly.

At All Clean ChemDry, we take pride in providing our customers with top-notch customer service that prioritizes the health, safety, and comfort of your family. You can count on our technicians to be professional and communicative before, during, and after your carpet cleaning process.

Ways Prepare for a Visit from Our Carpet Cleaning Technician

  • Remove Clutter – what we mean here is to remove any clutter that may be on your carpets. We want to ensure that our technicians can carefully clean all areas of your carpets, and eliminating any tripping hazards (toys, shoes, etc) will help make this process go quickly and smoothly.
  • Move Smaller/Lighter Furniture – there is no need to move heavy pieces of furniture if you don’t want to. Our technicians are not licensed furniture movers, so it is important for our clients to move furniture that they want to ensure gets cleaned under.
  • Check for Problem Areas – if there are specific areas that you would like our cleaners to focus on, please make a note to speak to them when they arrive. Our technicians do conduct a spot test and thorough pre-inspection of your carpets prior to beginning the cleaning process, however you know your carpets best and pointing out your concerns will help ensure we can address the area.
  • Pets – while our products are non-toxic and save for your pets, it is very helpful to keep them out of the rooms that the technicians will be working in. It can be a challenge for our technicians to focus on the task at hand if they are trying to work around your pets.
  • Parking – some of our equipment is van-mounted, and the rest needs to be brought in from our van. It is helpful to be able to park as close to your door as possible so our technicians can be efficient in getting our equipment into your home to begin our work.

With the All Clean ChemDry carpet cleaning technicians, everything about having your carpet cleaned, including any pre-visit preparations, is a breeze! Contact us today to take the first step toward a cleaner, fresher, and healthier carpet.

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