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Prepare for Your First Professional Carpet Cleaning

Preparing for Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpets in your home, as the majority of homeowners do, then you know the pros and cons of having them. Yes, they set a more comfy and warmer setting, but they also absorb what they come in contact with very easily and can get worn down from heavy foot traffic or deeply stained when spills are not given attention right away. This is why having a professional cleaning company, like All Clean ChemDry, is so important. Before you call to make that first appointment, there are some necessary steps that you will need to prepare for the visit.

Point Out Your Concerns

If you have called carpet cleaners, then you probably have some concerns. Write down and point out any hot spots or stains and areas that get a lot of exposure to people and pets. These areas are sure to get more focus and attention if you let the technicians know ahead of time.

Vacuum the Floors

Vacuuming your floors ahead of time will remove the debris, dander, and dirt that is stuck in your carpets. This is important because the carpet cleaners can get a deep down clean and attack the stains beyond the crumbs!

Clear Rooms of Furniture

Carpet cleaners will typically ask for furniture to be relocated so that they have a clear space to work and so they are able to clean the floor more thoroughly. All small items should be put away and larger chairs or tables may be pushed to the edges of the room or moved to a completely different room all together.

Remove Your Fragile Pieces

Typically, breakables are kept on a high shelf or out of direct grasp. If you keep your more delicate pieces within reach or on your floors, you will definitely want to keep these in a safe place. Antique frames, a vase, crystal statue, an heirloom, or anything you want untouched – be safe instead of sorry!

Space to Park

Many professional carpet cleaners have heavy duty trucks for all of the equipment that they utilize. These trucks will likely need to stay close to the home, so make sure you give them adequate parking.

What Makes us Different

With All Clean ChemDry, we use a minimal amount of water, our machines are self-contained. This save you on drying time and inconvenience. We will get your carpets cleaned, be out of your way and you can be back to using your rooms quicker than you would with most other companies.

Contact the experts at All Clean ChemDry and we will answer any additional questions you have before our expert technician comes to clean your carpets.

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