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Keep Your Carpets Cleaner, Longer!

Keep you carpets clean

When you go out and invest in new carpets for your home or business, you want the quality to last for years to come. Keep your home smelling and looking its best with carpets that reflect your care with regular cleaning. There are measures you can take with the support of a professional cleaning company, like All Clean ChemDry, as well as many methods you can do yourself.

Welcome Less Traction

Many new homeowners receive a new welcome mat; if you didn’t, you should invest in one to reduce the dirt and anything else that could potentially be tracked in. It is also a good proactive to have a ‘shoes free’ zone for your family and guests, put a shoe rack by the door for people to easily take their shoes off and place them there.

Keep the Snags to A Minimum

Kids and pets can cause unsightly snags! Keep these carpet strands trim with scissors to avoid further damage.

Treat Stains ASAP

It may see like common sense but take care of stains as soon as you can. Depending on the spill, you may be able to avoid a permanent stain on your rug or carpet if you attend to it immediately.

Vacuum on the Regular

Vacuuming once a week is a good start! Depending on the activity and traffic in your space, you may need to vacuum on a daily basis. If you get the dirt up from your carpet often enough, you will likely need less deep-down cleanings. Also, pay attention to how quickly you run your vacuum over the floor. If it’s too quick, you may be missing a plethora of dirt and debris.

The quality, size, and brand of your vacuum is important too.  If you have pets, have stairs or tight corners, shaggy or trim carpet – you may need to do some extra research. Upright vacuums are great for open wide spaces, while a handheld version gets those hard to reach corners and other awkward spaces.

Protect Your Carpet

You can add a rug over your carpet to reduce the amount of traffic that hits your carpet. However, you will still need to maintain and clean the area rug on a semi-regular basis.

Pick One Entry Way

It may be short lived, but even limiting the entry ways from the outside can help reduce excessive debris blowing in or tracking indoors.

Call the Professionals

Even if you’re very rigorous with your cleaning, there is so much value in hiring a professional cleaning company. Even if it’s just a handful of times a year, the thorough and expert attention you will get is worth the investment. Call the professionals at All Clean ChemDry to help you with your carpet cleaning needs. We go above and beyond to ensure we make your carpets look great.

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Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning: A Green Approach to Cleaner Carpets

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