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New Year, New Carpets?

New Year, Clean Carpets

Investing in carpets is not something that we should have to do very often, but the time will come eventually. The life of your carpet will depend on several factors including whether you have visible damage in high traffic areas, stains that you no longer can ignore, embedded odors that linger, the presence of allergens, or just purely an aged beyond recognition carpet. If you are unsure if it is the right time, consider these as reasons to update.

Life Expectancy

Carpets can last 8 to 10 years or even more if you have limited traffic or are very intentional about taking off shoes, cleaning stains immediately, and giving more care on a regular basis. Not having pets can also extend the life of your carpet. Eventually fading and fraying may begin to show even with the utmost protection and maintenance, and you may want to begin researching your next investment.

What’s That Smell?

A smell that just won’t leave your home will probably motivate you more than anything to replace your carpets. Living with an unpleasant odor is not only unappealing but could be the sign of a bacteria or deep-rooted dirt. The older the carpet, the more likely these odors will stick around and disrupt your enjoyment of home life.

Unsightly Stains

You can live with some stains, maybe even hide them well with furniture. But depending on your preference or if you are just trying to rejuvenate your home, new carpets will give your home an interior facelift.

Allergies Present?

If you or someone in your home has allergies, replacing carpets more often along with an increase in regular maintenance may be necessary. This is to keep your home less prone to sneezes, coughing, and itchy eyes from allergens present.

Obtrusive Damage

Visible damage from over wear causing discoloration and pulls in the carpet are a good indication that new carpets are in your future. These impacts from foot traffic, moving furniture often, or pets that wreak havoc on the integrity of your carpets speed up this process. Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning is important but will only do so much to improve the look of worn and damaged carpets.

If you are not quite ready to upgrade your carpets, getting them professionally cleaned can help extend their life and make them look nice. If you are looking to get your carpets cleaned professionally and properly, give All Clean Chem-Dry a call and one of our highly trained technicians will be out to take care of bringing your carpets back to life.

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