Guide To the Right Vacuum for You

Keep your floors and space revived with regular maintenance and this includes regular vacuuming. When it comes to purchasing a new vacuum there are several factors to consider – brand, quality, features, price, and what’s the right type for your needs.

What types of vacuums are there?

Robotic Vacuums were once just a concept. Now the wave of the future and convenience is here! The robotic vacuums are programmed to vacuum on a schedule with a battery to run it without your involvement. They are great for only hard surfaces; they are terrible for plush carpeting. These can be a little pricey in the upwards of $1000.

Upright Vacuums are the most common among households; they pick up pet dander, customizable, great for all different floor types with features to suite every type of owner. Downside is that many of these are on the heavy side, but it may be worth the weight. Average price for quality brand: $60 to $650.

Stick Vacuums are so light and easy to store, very convenient for frequent vacuuming. The drawback is that there are fewer features and customizations. These run about the same price as upright vacuums.

Canister Vacuums are super convenient systems; they are designed as separate units for the bag and motor with wheels for easy movement. These types of vacuums are on average $50 to $850.

Best bet: Bag vs Bagless

A vacuum bag is great for trapping all of the unwanted mites, dust, and particulate from escaping, but at what literal cost. Who wants to buy replacements over again? Bagless is much more convenient; clean the canister of your bagless vacuum in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors.

What price is right?

Price is of course a factor we have to consider; sure, there are some great and expensive options, but you don’t have to break an arm and a leg to find a quality brand that will get the job done right. Figure out what you can spend on a vacuum and do your research.

Best vacuum for Carpets

You need to look for a machine with a beater brush for proper carpet vacuuming. If it doesn’t have a brush you’re not getting the best job from your machine.  None of these vacuums will clean the edges as all machines are designed to stay about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch away from the wall to prevent damage. If the edges are not vacuumed regularly the accumulation of soil after several years will potentially become a permanent black oily stain that will require specialized cleaning not included in regular maintenance cleaning done by professional carpet cleaners.

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