Area Rug Maintenance Tips

Area Rugs can often be the centerpieces of a room’s décor. Area Rugs, when used correctly, can tie the aesthetic of your room together and help you create a cohesive, inviting atmosphere in your living space. Area Rugs often represent a substantial investment and knowing how to care for them will make the most of your investment and will keep your area rugs looking new for years to come.

While area rug maintenance has a number of things in common with general carpet cleaning and maintenance, there are a few key differences worth noting, primarily in the piling of the rug and the need to take of caring for the rug’s underside as well. Investing in area rug cleaning in professional cleaning of your area rug is a great way to ensure that every inch of your rug is cleaned correctly and cleaned according to its own specifications.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind that can help you make the most of your area rug and protect the investment in your homes’ décor:

  • Vacuum regularly – One of the best ways to preserve the integrity of your area rug is by vacuuming it regularly. This helps to remove excessive dirt that would otherwise become ground in and can stain the fibers in your area rug. Ensure that your vacuum is set to the correct settings to avoid damaging your area rug’s pile.
  • Handle the fringe with extra care – Always handle the fringe of your area rug with as much care as possible. Using improper cleaning techniques and chemicals can cause the fringes on your area rug to look rayed and fuzzy.  Bleach can make the fibers brittle, so ensure you know what you are doing and use extra caution.
  • Avoid direct sun — Even the finest of area rugs should never be exposed to direct sunlight for extended period of time.  Sunlight hitting your rug directly can cause the fibers to become brittle over time and can cause the coloring of your area rug to change or bleach out.
  • Use chemicals — Chemicals and area rugs are not friends.  The majority of cleaners have chemicals that can cause permanent damage to your area rugs.  It is important to use the proper chemical for the fibers that are in your area rug.  Ask our professional technicians if you’re not sure if a chemical is right for your area rug.

Probably most important is –

  • Use a professional cleaning company  You should regularly procure the services of a company specializing in area rug cleaning. By having your area rugs cleaned regularly by a professional area rug cleaning company, you will lengthen the lifespan of your area rug while also eliminating potentially harmful contaminants, like bacteria, molds and dander. Professional cleaning will help keep your rug looking vibrant and new.

All Clean Chem Dry has been a premier source of area rug cleaning in the Winchester, Virginia and Shenandoah Valley area. You can count on our expert, friendly technicians to provide you with high-quality area rug cleaning services that leave your area rug looking as good as new. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive area rug care solutions!

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