Don't Spill That on Your Carpet!

    Red Wine


            Nail Polish




                        Beer spills require an experienced carpet technician, just to get the odor removed. You will likely be able to remove the stain yourself, however the smell will require a little help from the experts.


                            Coffee is a staple in most homes, so a spill can happen anytime. Although it is mostly made up of water, it can cause permanent and immediate damage to your carpet. A professional will likely need to be called in.


                                The red in many spills is always tough to get out. However, the best way to minimize the damage is to address it as soon as possible. Use a paper towel to blot and a gentle, natural carpet cleaner. You can get most of it out using this method, but you may need to call in a carpet cleaning specialist!

                                    If you are having issues getting a spot out of your carpet, our professional technicians can help with any situation! Give All Clean Chem-Dry a call today!